Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Off my normal topics but I wanted to share this as my son has dyspraxia and this is a great summary of it.

It’s Dyspraxia awareness week this week!! (12th – 18th October)dyspraxia

When I tell people I have dyspraxia, 99% of the time the response I’ll get is a blank look on their face along with: “What’s that?”
So that’s why I’m posting this, to try to raise some, even if it’s only a little, awareness of dyspraxia.
I’ll start off with saying that I don’t mean dyslexia…people often get confused as they both sound similar and due to the fact that there is a lot more awareness of dyslexia, people think that that’s what was meant.


Dyspraxia affects a range of things, causing difficulties with:
  • balance – tripping over thin air is my talent!
  • coordination – don’t ever ask me to pat my head and rub my belly at the same time…
  • fine motor skills – using cutlery can be more difficult, and watching me eat spaghetti or noodles can be entertaining…
  • gross…

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