Starting afresh

So, after 18 years of using Nikon SLR and then DSLR cameras, I’ve sold the lot and bought a mirrorless (CSC) camera. The one I finally chose was a Sony a6000 with the 16-50 and 55-200 lenses in the kit.

I’ve been looking at the CSC market for a while now but was never sure, I wanted to have a smaller, lighter camera which matched the quality of the Nikon. I went for the Sony after a conversation with someone else who had made the switch, and then reading the online reviews, everyone was very positive.

I’m glad to say that it has proved to be the right choice! I went out today on a walk with my boys with the Cubs and Scouts to the RSPB Newport Wetlands centre and it was a great opportunity to try the camera out.

I was worried that the electronic view finder would be a problem, but it works really well. You get a much better feel for how the final image will look, as well as seeing the histogram to check your exposure.

The focus speed is impressive, but I need to understand how to override the focus point selection, more manual reading I think!

Anyway after all that waffle here are some pictures from today. I’ve done some editing in Snapseed as usual but mostly just tweaking levels, sharpness and cropping.









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